Reserve Manager 5 Star Private Game Reserve Zimbabwe

We are now in search for Reserve Manager for a super luxurious 5 star private game reserve situated in Zimbabwe.


 Fleet Management
 Administration & Finances
 Habitat Management
 Staff
 Equipment
 Security
 Anti-Poaching
 Research – Not Immediately but will eventually report into this position


Fleet Management:

 Vehicle & Plant Allocations
o Ensure that HABITAT, APU and Security staff are allocated to and driving the correct vehicle & plant
 Vehicle & Plant Inspections
o To carry out monthly vehicle and plant inspections with relevant drivers/staff/workshop manager
o Ensure that staff are doing daily and weekly maintenance/greasing of vehicles & plant
 Services of Vehicle & Plant
o Ensure that all habitat plant & machinery serviced monthly on their due date
o Liaise with workshop manager on planned R & M for vehicles/plant & machinery
o Ensure Stock levels of spare parts are maintained at agreed PAR levels
 Monthly Kilometres/Hour meter readings
o Ensure that all HABITAT vehicle & plant odometer & hour readings are taken on the 25th of every month and given to finance

Administration & Finances:

Responsible for HABITAT, APU and Security Budget Lines & Finances

 Month end

o Complete GRS checks for Accounts
o Check and complete Management Accounts & Ledgers at month end
o Review accounts and make sure comments are send through to the financial controller

 Budgets

o Responsible for HABITAT, APU and Security Budget
o Responsible for preparing and giving input into the HABITAT, APU and Security Budget

 Invoices

o Ensure that all invoices are allocated and processed in correct month.
o All orders to be accompanied with PG order number and invoice details correct

 Water readings

o Collect all water meter readings on last day of month
o Complete reserve Water Meter readings spreadsheet

 Pass-outs

o Ensure that the correct pass outs is given

 Monthly Habitat Report

o Ensure that the Habitat Month End report is completed and saved in the appropriate place in the current format

Habitat/Reserve Management
 Veld Management:

o VCA & Monitoring

 Co-ordinate and conduct VCA’s across the Private Game Reserve
 Analysis/reporting & saving of VCA results

o Burning

 Burn Plan
 Burning
 Post burn monitoring & mapping

o Bush Clearing

 Annual planning
 Co-ordinate bush clearing operations
 Quoting & post contract checks and payment

o Alien Plant Removal

 Annual planning
 Co-ordinate Alien Plant removal operations – staff/herbicide/equipment/contracts
 Quoting & post contract checks and payment
 Ensure that APO herbicide assistance reporting completed at month end.
 APO herbicide assistance herbicide is in stock

 Roads

o Ensure that road maintenance is taking place and a yearly plan is in place

 Soil Conservation

 Water systems & pumps

o Responsible to maintain a constant supply of water to all the lodges and staff accommodation
o Ensure that pumps and pipelines are maintained.
o Ensure that pumped water holes are full at all times

 Wildlife

o Problem Animal Control
o Game Counts


 Recruitment:

o Responsible for hiring and vetting of all HABITAT, APU and Security staff.
o Responsible for induction of staff/filling in all necessary paperwork associated with hiring of new staff
 Ensure that all HABITAT, APU and Security staff have a Letter of Employment
 Provident Fund forms are signed and completed
 All other necessary staff file paperwork (Medical Aid/ID copies/bank accounts/salary is communicated to HR/Payroll accounts
 3 month performance reviews are completed on their due date and record sent to HR
 Staff Development/Motivation

o Ensure that all HABITAT, APU and Security staff has the technical know-how perform their jobs efficiently.
o If lacking need to do training
o Training plan is in place
o Identify growth opportunities for HABITAT, APU and Security staff.
o Have regular team building exercises with HABITAT, APU and Security staff.
o Six monthly performance reviews done with all HABITAT, APU and Security Staff members and filed with HR.
o Company Awards System is in place and functioning

 Control & Discipline

o Responsible for giving permission and controlling all HABITAT, APU and Security staff visitors.
o Responsible for dealing with any HABITAT, APU and Security staff disciplinary issues.
o Day to day management of HABITAT, APU and Security staff.
o Ensure that you and staff are familiar with company Disciplinary Policy and Procedures.

 Communication

o Responsible for communicating relevant information to staff through formal meetings weekly/monthly or as and when required.
o Updating the notice board with relevant information pertinent to the HABITAT, APU and Security staff.

 Health & Safety

o Ensuring that all staff is wearing the correct uniform and safety gear when operating HABITAT equipment.
o Ensuring that all HABITAT machinery is safe/certified and legally compliant.
o Ensure that all staff operating tools & machinery within the RESERVE are competent and fully trained
o Ensure that all HABITAT first aid kit is fully stocked
o Ensure that there is always a First Aid trained staff member on duty at all times
o Ensure that Positive Health training takes place timorously in conjunction with the company Positive Health Champion.
o Ensure that HABITAT staff accommodation is kept clean and safe at all times.
o Ensure that the HABITAT workshops and storerooms and its environs are kept neat/tidy and clean at all times

 Time Book

o Responsible for the Staff time-book

 Leave

o Responsible for HABITAT Staff leave cycles and recording of leave.
o Keep track of staff sick leave, family days.

 Radios:

o Responsible for the HABITAT radio budget
o Ensure that radios are in working order
o Responsible for any R & M for HABITAT radios
o Responsible for all licensing and payments for Radio licenses

 Fire Equipment

o Responsible to maintain all the fire equipment in working order and ready at all times
 Fire bowsers
 Bakkie sakkies
 Small fire equipment (beaters, drip torches, water, petrol & diesel mix)

 Tools

o Responsible to keep tool workshops clean and in order
o Maintain all tools such as chainsaws, spades etc.

 First Aid Kits

o First aid kits for office, vehicles and Alien Plant Control fully stocked at all times
o Ensure that key staff are first aid trained within the team

 Firearms & ammunition

o Ensure that all HABITAT weapons and ammunition are locked safely away at all times
o Responsible for maintenance and cleaning of all firearms
o Personal and weapons licenses are up to date


 Lodge Patrols
 Boom Gate
 Solar Panels
 Staff Bus and Vehicle searches


 Patrols
o Foot Patrols
o Boat Patrols
o Vehicle Patrols

 Relationships

o National Parks
o Wild Life
o Police
o Communities


 At least 3 – 5 years Management Experience in a similar position


 Energetic, proactive person
 Passionate about sustainable tourism and conservation
 Driven, energetic, compassionate and ambitious, with strong leadership and mentoring skills.
 Unrelenting attention to detail and high standards
 Structured manager with experience of leading diverse teams
 Practical
 Open minded and able to think outside of the box
 The ability to motivate and inspire yourself and others
 Excellent interpersonal skills and communication
 Competent financial and IT skills
 Fluent in English essential. Other European languages are beneficial.

The successful candidate should be very hands-on and not be afraid to get involved in all tasks mentioned above. If you have a passion for working in the bush and have the relevant experience required, we would love to hear from you. Due to the high number of applicants, only those shortlisted will be contacted

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