Regional Manager World Class 5 Star Forest Lodge India

We are now in search for a Regional Manager for this world class 5 star super luxurious forest lodge situated in a secluded area in India.

The lodge has 12 charming stand alone suites alongside a picturesque nullah (dry riverbed), surrounded by the shaded canopies of beautiful forest trees. Each spacious suite has a distinctive contemporary bungalow feel and an ambience resembling the 1950s. Cool pale cream cement screed floors against the contrasting hues of copper and pale turquoise has a much desired tranquil effect. Follow the stairs to the alluringly beautiful machan (a covered jungle rooftop platform) complete with mosquito net, overhead fan and hookah pipes and discover an ideal place to enjoy the romance of the jungle either by day or by night with an unforgettable sleepout. Delicate Parsi tiles, woven hyacinth furniture, high ceilings, deep welcoming sofas and giant ebony chests grace the elegant guest areas.

Job Description for the GM with Regional responsibility:

Guest facing competencies

Exposure to high end luxury hospitality / experiential travel:

The lodges create a high-end luxury experience despite the rustic / natural settings. This requires a good understanding of how luxury requires certain degree of sophistication; not all of which is created by expensive hardware. A good understanding of the trends in luxury leisure space is therefore required. Another facet is about the ability to constantly innovate to create unique experiences for the guests.

Personality / charm to host high-end guests/media in social settings:

The managers have to routinely host very high-profile guests / media in social settings. The culture of our lodge is casual and friendly; it requires certain chutzpah and personality to create engaging conversations and memories.

Ability to create USP ref other players in the high-end safari space:

It is inevitable that our lodges would be compared with high-end lodges in Africa and other high-end lodges in India. A good understanding of USPs of the various players of safari space is crucial as the manager has continuously think of experiences that can create USPs for the lodge.

Relationships with in-bound trade; understanding of the dynamics:

Our company is highly dependent on inbound international travel that moves through FTOs and DMCs; having a good understanding of this channel along with relationship with the important players is quite critical

B) Process related competencies

Ability of managing safari lodges in remote locations:

Ability to manage teams drawn from rural locations with huge logistics challenge while at the same time delivering results required to service high-end guests

Ability of managing hardware maintenance in remote locations:

While the hardware is not very sophisticated, still it requires meticulous planning and ability to continuously navigate the challenging logistics to achieve the results

Ability of managing HR teams including naturalists:

Managing low skilled staff that works under very hard conditions while keeping them motivated requires a lot of personal effort. Additionally, naturalists are a very important element that delivers the differentiated lodge experience. A good understanding of the role that Naturalist / ranger plays and being able to manage them becomes key to success.

Leadership related competencies

Ability of managing other lodge teams:

The Regional manager is responsible for all the other 3 lodges; the farthest can be about 10 hours away while managing his/her own lodge. This requires that the manager uses structured tools for frequent review and guide the teams in planning various initiatives. Often there would be situations of transition in another lodge and the manager there would require a good amount of coaching / grooming

Ability of driving continuous improvement:

We expect new competition to come in and erode on our existing USPs; we need to be ahead of the curve. Since there is less churn at the lower levels, after 10 years, it requires new ways to motivate and stretch the teams. Again, it requires a structured and yet innovative approach

Stake-holder engagement

Ability of representing company’s interests with Forest department:

Often, the regional manager needs to interact with the forest department because park experience as a key element is hugely dependent on park policies and rules. Tourism industry often finds itself negotiating the delicate balance by trying to convince various layers of park management regarding many rules that routinely impact us. The industry bodies are also in litigation with the government; the incumbent needs to understand some of these issues.

Broad understanding about dynamics of the conservation space and relationships:

In order to achieve the first point, one needs to understand the various players in the field like conservationists, wild life academics etc so that one can create relationships.

Ability and experience of handling owners:

The regional manager would need to interact with the property owners and manage the relationship.

Experience of incubating community engagement initiatives:

Being one of the leading eco-tourism players, one needs to ensure that we meaningfully engage with the local communities and constantly find opportunities for creating projects and delivering on them. This requires innovative resource mobilization and a genuine desire to make a difference.


Diploma in Hotel Management
At least 3 years experience in 5 star hotel or similar establishment
Apprenticeship and specialized training from a reputed institute

If you meet all the above requirements, are ready for a challenge, have a passion for working in remote areas and are willing to relocate, we would love to hear from you. Please forward your most recent CV, details of at least 3 contactable references and a letter supporting your application. Due to a high number of applicants, only those that are shortlisted will be contacted.

Please forward CV to

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