Assistant Director of Finance 5 Star World Class Boutique Hotel Johannesburg

We are now in search for an Assistant Director of Finance for this Luxurious World Class 5 Star hotel situated in Johannesburg.

The successful candidate will be reporting to the Director of Finance.

People Function

Maintain harmonious and professional relationship with all departments and Home Office.
Comply with and enforce Four Seasons’ Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct as set forth in EmPact.
Plan, organize, lead and control different projects and activities within the finance team.
Identify coaching moments and ensure that those moments become opportunities of learning and development for the Finance team.
Establish a rapport with the Finance team and other divisions within the hotel.
Have a global working perspective and excellent communication skills – written and verbal
Great understanding of Self-Esteem and Self-Actualization of Team and ensure proper support and help is provided whenever needed.
Have the ability to supervise the day-to-day duties of the Finance team and assist as necessary.
Hold monthly department meetings with Accounting Staff to ensure communication and address any issues that are affecting the team.
Participate in and develop staff training programs in order to minimize staff turnover and maintain high morale. Particular emphasis should be given to those individuals qualifying for future advancement.
Supervise, train and motivate department staff to thoroughly understand all of their duties and responsibilities.
Meet with the Director of Finance on a regular basis to communicate all accounting activities and results of the Accounting office meeting or any other related issues.
Actively network within the community to attract potential candidates for recruitment purposes.
Prepare reviews and development plans and take appropriate personnel-related action (i.e. hire, commend, discipline, evaluate, etc.) with Accounting staff as required.
Conduct self in a professional manner at all times.

Product Functions

Thoroughly understand and possess a working knowledge of the Accounting & Finance Manual
Excellent understanding of Month-End Process including, but not limited to, preparation of financial statements, accruals and journal entries, maintain reconciliations for all balance sheet accounts in established corporate formats and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals.
Great attention to detail along with a continuous innovation of daily working of the Finance team under the direction of the Director of Finance.
Coordinate, observe and prepare all operating equipment and supply inventories in accordance with corporate policies and as directed by the Director of Finance.
Prepare Daily Cash Position report and maintain the highest level of investment of excess funds in accordance with corporate guidelines as prescribed in the Accounting & Finance Manual.
Assist the Director of Finance in preparation of all budgets and forecasts.
Excellent understanding of the current Edition of USALI.
Prepare or oversee the preparation of all local, state and federal tax returns and other reporting (including 80-20 rule reporting) on a timely basis.
Ensure rent expense is calculated accurately per the terms of the Management Agreement, Leasehold Agreement or Easement Agreement and that payments are made or the outstanding liability for the rent accrual exists and is accurate.
Ensure the outstanding liability for all revenue/profit related fees (i.e. Management Fees, Incentive Fees, Marketing Fees, Advertising Fees, Royalty Fees) is accurate and complies with the respective Management Agreement(s).
Ensure electronic payments have the signatory of a member of Group B on each individual page and the initials of a member of Group A and both members of Group A and B sign the Batch Total of the payment run.
Ensure strict access controls over unused cheques to prevent improper or unauthorized use of the documents and ensure there is segregation of duties in place to safeguard the writing and voiding of negotiable bank cheques.
Ensure accurate exchange rates in Financial Reporting are applied to the local currency (where applicable) and valued in the currency stipulated in the Management Agreement.
Ensure post-departure credit card credit allowances are performed only by accounting and all such allowances are reviewed and signed per the SR-5 by Director of Finance or Assistant Director of Finance and all “Unmatched Credits” reports provided by credit card processing company are reviewed/scrutinized by DOF monthly and retained by the Director of Finance.
Approve all journal entries with supporting documentation (as appropriate) and ensure all non-standard, non-recurring entries are countersigned by Director of Finance.
Ensure the system is set up to prevent month end closing without all journal entries being posted, updated or otherwise entered into the General Ledger.
Ensure that monthly reconciliations for all balance sheet accounts are prepared and all bank reconciliations are countersigned by Director of Finance on a monthly and on a quarterly basis; Director of Finance approves all reconciliations paying special attention to reconciling items.
Coordinate and facilitate external and internal audits.
As required, have a working knowledge of residential (or other entity) accounting procedures and how it affects the hotel’s financials.
Continuously strive for improvement of processes and efficiency.

Profit Functions

Monitor and control expenses of the hotel paying special attention to the daily reporting done by the auditor of the hotel and addressing issues that not only have material effect, but also effect the guest experience.
Ensure that House Funds and Floats Counts are up to date and limit any kind of exposure that would affect the profitability.
Assist the Director of Finance in Forecasting/Budgeting
Ensure gains/losses on the sale/disposal of fixed assets are properly disclosed and recorded on the Statement of Changes in financial position (SR-25 where applicable) and on the P&L statement.
For locations that maintain full balance sheets including fixed assets, ensure accumulated depreciation accounts are accurate and properly recorded.

Key Behavioural Competencies

Proven leadership skills in a Hotel/Resort environment
Highest level of integrity and transparency
Strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills to work with cross-functional teams; negotiate for resources and influence stakeholders and to gain acceptance of and commitment to plans, ideas, initiatives, etc.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills to prepare and deliver reports, effective presentations and to facilitate meetings
Promote a continuous learning environment that creates an atmosphere for professional development opportunities
Apply an ethical approach to influence the outcome of situations
Serve as a role model for others by demonstrating appropriate business conduct and ethical principles
Continuously seek to improve/develop the performance of others and continuously strive to improve his/her own performance
Work in a safe, prudent and organized manner

Technical Skills & knowledge

Require a working technical knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles, hotel Internal Controls, Policies and Procedures and job knowledge of all positions in Accounting, Purchasing and Food & Beverage control. Working knowledge is generally learned on the job or through a series of professional certifications.

The successful candidate should have an enquiring mind, be methodical, pay attention to detail, be creative, show perseverance and patience, ability to work under pressure, ability to accept routine and mundane tasks, have high energy level, be flexible, have the ability to overcome obstacles and persist with the task at hand, be decisive and adaptable. If you have the knowledge, skills and required experience, this sounds like a challenge you are ready for I would love to hear from you. Please send me your CV with a recent face photograph, details of three contactable references and a letter motivating your application.

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